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    From Ragol to Gurhal to Oracle, Riiko has transcended realms and has become a legacy character. This iteration of Riiko has a much different background and slightly different appearance but she may once again don an afro. Also, as not too much information is released about PSO2 lore-wise, this background may change to better fit the world in time.

    Lots of edits coming soon... as soon as my headache passes and I can write and refine this profile.

    Riiko Ukoshi
    Race: Human
    Sex: Female
    Class: Ranger (RAmarl / Guntecher)


    Phantasy Star Online 2 Appearance



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    Jordan Kaine Blohm
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Alliance: AMF (formerly), Illuminus (formerly), GUARDIANS (retired), Little Wing
    Partner Machine/My Synth: GH470 named Del Prinz Blohm

    Growing up on the GUARDIANS Colony, Jordan left the colony to join the AMF on Parum at age 16. Despite the prejudice from the CASTs that populated most of Parum, Jordan insisted on enlisting in the AMF, partly due to his fascination with CASTs. Midway during the initial SEED invasion, however, he began to lose faith in the AMF for their inadequacies in controlling the SEED contamination. Sensing his loyalty faltering and a valuable asset, Jordan was approached by the Illuminus to leak information to them, under the guise that the Illuminus wished to unite the galaxy.
    Acting as a representative of Illuminus for various meetings, he soon learned that their intentions were far more sinister than he realized. He quickly betrayed the Illuminus and fled to the GUARDIANS. Intent on revealing vital information on Illuminus to the GUARDIANS, he was dismayed when he learned his top-secret intel was already known by the GUARDIANS. Still wanting to help, Jordan went into the GURADIANS training program to join them in the fight against the Illuminus and the SEED.
    Jordan, along with the rest of the GUARDIANS, fought valiantly against the SEED. After the final battle, Jordan resigned from the GUARDIANS, hoping to pursue a more peaceful life style. Over the three years since the SEED were defeated, he began to act as a casual mercenary, perform a job or two every few months to sustain his semi-civilian life.

    Always friendly, Jordan is mostly calm, but can be excited fairly easily. He is almost always seen with his GH470 named Del. Incredibly loyal to his friends, and a bit naive, he tries his best to do whatever he can to help anyone who needs it. Not the most athletic person in the world, he prefers to fight in back via technics or long-range weaponry, but has no problem getting up close and personal with the enemy. He also has an unusual fear/hatred for jarbas.

    (on a side note, I have multiple characters, but I didn't wanna clog this up with 13 different characters lol Hope this was sufficient.)
    I'm back y'all!

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