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    Lightbulb Techer Gear

    I am currently trying again to improve my techer just wondering what gear I should be using my current stats are as :
    Race : Newman (F)
    Class : MasterForce
    LvL : 129
    Offense :
    Defensive :
    line shield : Ferril line
    head : Har / Quick
    arm : none
    body : orpa / guard
    extra : orpa / hp restore

    Also what unit provides the ultimate speed for techinic attacks??????
    Does class affect your technic speed???
    And lastly does weapon affect speed???

    Please give as much detail as possible thankx.

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    1. Right now the Shijin and Oryu combination as the best for increasing your technic speed and also give you TP and ATP

    2. Class DOES affect speed by alot. Say like acrotechers can only use wands and tech mags but they cast a lot faster than say a fortetecher... Masterforces cast faster than normal too but they can use wands and rods.

    3. Each Tech weapon has different speed. meaning that wands and tech mags cast faster on their own no matter what class you go to. And rods will be a little bit slower.

    hope this helps..GB

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    To clarify what GB said above...

    Each Tech Weapon does not have a different speed. What he means to say is that Each CLASS of tech weapon has a different casting speed.

    Ie. Tech Mags cast a little faster than wands and wands cast a little faster than rods.

    It is a common misconception that certain weapons within a class tier cast faster than the rest. Way back when everyone thought the halarod had a speed bonus. Now I hear people trying to say that the Okarod has a speed increase. None of that is true.

    As far as your other gear is concerned, I use the following:

    10/10 Psycho - Arguably still the best rod in the game. You can settle for less grinds if you can't afford a ^10.

    10/10 Pushan - The Ogjinjin and Okikudogh are the only Tech-Mags that have better stats. Any of these three are "good".

    9/9 Granahodora's - I haven't saved enough for a 10/10 yet but I'm working on it.

    As far as armor is concerned I have a rainbow pallet of 50% Orpa-Senba. They are affordable and work great for the GAM missions provided you've gassed your DFP. % is the most important piece of the puzzle when you're talking about Line Shields.

    Obviously the Shinjin is the be all end all armor you should be chasing so that you can couple it with your Oryu. I am still hunting those cursed dragon scales myself.

    Lastly, for the body unit I usually use a rainbow unit to increase my % defense even further. Exceptions to this rule is if a resist is needed. I always carry the following resists to cover my ass in any situation that sol atomizers cannot: Stun/Sleep/Freeze/Vijeri. Don't waste a lot of money on the Vijeri resist as I think they're still going for a stack or more. You need to use 20000 scape dolls before you can justify your purchase. Just hope you get lucky like me and have one drop on your way through the story missions in chase of your Edel Weapon!

    I'm done for now.

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