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Thread: Ryoki's Shop

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    Default Ryoki's Shop

    So after a couple of years, I finally decided to actually level in this game, and have enough now to start a trade list of sorts. And here it is!

    Elements are listed at the start. If no element is listed, it has none.
    Same for Fortification, none of the items listed are fortified. If any new ones are added and are, they will be noted.

    Either of the "In" katanas. (really not going to be picky here, as it's the top want on the list.)
    Lavis Kanon
    Phantasma Gauntlet
    Clair Doubles
    Milias Breaker
    Zero Saber
    Fuuma Shuriken
    Bloody Gimlet!

    And now, my goods.


    NEW Soul lv 5 Zero Saber 34/0/0/0/0 Zeta Cutlass
    Zalure lv 1 Luzparias 0/0/23/0/42 Zeta Cutlass
    Luzparias 17/0/0/0/37 Force Ride

    Ainsraiffe 0/20/0/0/0 Dynamo Spin
    Celeb lv 2 Ainsraiffe+30 0/18/0/24/0 Overend

    Foie Haze+10 0/0/0/16/0 Reverse Kill
    NEW Heat lv 4 Rage Tonfa 0/0/38/0/0 Reverse Kill

    Grand Chariot 33/42/0/0/0 Hopping Run
    Stun lv 3 Big Mobius 25/0/0/0/0 Spear Rider
    Stun lv 3 Eclamasach 0/0/0/0/0 Hopping Run

    Celeb lv 4 Hadan Bite 22/0/45/0/0 Bite Stamp
    Celeb lv 1 Adoralphs 0/0/0/0/0 Bite Stamp
    Ice lv 2 Orgaclaw 0/0/0/46/0 Bite Stamp

    Celeb lv 1 Iros 0/39/12/13/0 Linear Shake
    Ajax 26/17/0/0/0 Linear Shake

    Life lv 1 0/0/0/0/0 Morgenlote Tornado Dance
    Heart lv 2 Morgenlote 0/36/37/0/0 Tornado Dance
    Morgenlote 0/18/0/35/0 Tornado Dance
    Celeb lv 3 Morgenlote 0/0/0/0/16 Tornado Dance
    Jell lv 3 Dioskuroi 0/0/23/0/0 Million Rave *NEW*


    Rouge Pulse 21/0/0/0/0 Flame Hit

    Frigiand 0/0/0/0/0 Bullet Dance
    Celeb lv 3 Neidaryl 0/0/49/0/0 Earth Bullet
    Ice lv 2 Neidaryl 0/20/0/0/0 Earth Bullet
    Meseta lv 3 Neidaryl 25/0/0/43/0 Impact Zero
    Heat lv 3 Emperor Axeon 13/43/0/26/0 Earth Bullet

    Crimson Vis 0/0/0/0/0 Spinning Death
    Crimson Vis 0/0/0/22/44 Spinning Death

    Gallatin 0/32/16/0/0 Divine Ray

    Nemesis 0/0/0/37/0 Crush Bomb


    Slow lv 1 Trois Souther 31/0/0/0/18 Bright Sign
    Meseta lv 3 Loneos 0/0/19/0/34 Bright Sign
    NEW Dark lv 3 Kouga Shuriken 0/0/0/0/0 Bright Sign

    Heaven lv 1 White Disaster 0/0/0/25/0 NO PA
    X lv 1 Kerykeion 0/42/0/0/0 Rodeo Drive

    Dark lv 5 Starlight 0/20/29/34/0 Act Trick
    Dark lv 2 Alice Olivia 0/0/0/0/0 Funny Dive

    Milias Frame 4S
    Pizza Box x2 4S
    Ancient Robe +5 4S
    Ancient Robe 4S

    Dark Protect
    Tech Save lv 3 x3
    PA Save lv 3 x2
    PP Recovery lv 4 x2
    PP Recovery lv 5
    Divine/Mind x2
    Divine/HP x2
    Divine/Power x2

    Foie lv 10
    Foie lv 15
    Barta lv 15
    Zonde lv 15
    Grants lv 15
    Megid lv 15
    Anti lv 10
    Zalure lv 10
    Zalure lv 15
    Resta lv 15
    Rappy Soul x2

    Please feel free to other things outside of the wants as well, they will be considered.
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    Okay, that level 1 Celeb Gigas Romulus (40/36/37/0/35) looks awesome. I've got an HP Recovery Lv. 5, so if that's deal or not... well just think about it. I've got a trade topic if that alone isn't enough.
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    I think I can work something out. Would a trade for the HP Recov. 5, your Blue Saber, and your Slow/Protect work fine?

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    Sure, I can do that. Sounds like a plan. Just tell me when you can trade
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    In just a sec. my friend code is 1764 8595 7679.

    Just let me know when you have some free time, however, I work till 3:30 AM Eastern time so we might have to make the trade tommorrow.
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    I'm available whenever you are. Is now a good time or no? If not, you set a time.

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    I'm starting a party now.
    Let me know if anything else interests you!
    Glad to do business with you.

    Personally I like Blue Saber better than Lavis Cannon. I wish you could reskin 7* weapons....
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    White Disaster Added %D

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    o: I would definately trade my (Heat Lv4) Rage Tonfa 0/0/38/0/0 Reverse Kill for that Zero Cane...I could throw in a Soniti Soul too . OR Zero Rifle for Cane. @[email protected]

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    That Life Lv1 Eclipse Star gives off the vibe of "ULTIMATE MELEE POWER FOR THE ULTIMATE PRICE OF LIFE" for my RAcast (since Eclipse Star is the highest ATP Saber in the game at max grind, which HU-'s cannot wield, and the Life Lv1 is a 100% procrate x1.5 damage mod at a largish HP cost)... it looks delicious, hehehe... >:3

    I would like to trade for it, but I'm pretty sure I can't connect with you anyways, so it makes me a little wary to bid on... if I could, though, I could probably cut you with a Rage Tonfa or Big Hemera of mine (no Big Hemera, it seems... maybe traded it, or another character has it; I'll confirm whether or not, but don't think I do :< ), or maybe a good Zero Saber (if I can find one worth trading for it). :/
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