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    There is a strategy involving Over End, though, where you run (and roll, if she decides to thrust while being too close) away until Over End charges, then let her come close enough to start the thrust attack, run away until she stops, and then use the PA. She shouldn't be able to touch you that way most of the time.

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    For Reyburn's shockwave, the slow status is only inflicted on SH. Also to avoid his fireballs, fireball eruptions and corkscrew attack, use a shield if you have one.

    Well I guess, heh
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    "Use a shield" applies to just about every move in the game, so I'm not really gonna mention that. From what I'm seeing, people really don't use shields in general, so I'm stating stuff that covers evasion with whatever weapon you want to use.

    I guess I'll have to check shockwave statusing later as well.

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    Actually, I think what he means is Barrier Shift, which sounds like a pretty interesting plan for at least the corkscrew attack... Doesn't that PA guard the next attack against you? The PA has no charge time. I could see it working, if you're worried about the corkscrew.

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    There's a very good reason why Shields don't drop naturally in the Valley.

    Bringing a Shield is a very nice way to not have to bother with that corkscrew attack or that second Fireball attack (Barrier Shift is merely a plus) and best of all, you get plenty of time to change up your weapons using R+Start.

    That is, if Reyburn's not dead by the time he gets to use it.

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    Foodfood, you can guard with shields by holding L, although any guard done that way uses up some PP. And again, guards against loads of stuff. I use one on Chaos and Mobius with my HUnewm to block the lasers Chaos shoots.

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    Wow, I need to use shields more XD

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    Octo Diablo was a pain, he killed me at least a half dozen times before i beat him. o.e

    oh and thank you for the tips! they helped a lot.
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