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    Just letting you guys know that the "Elemental Burst" skill on Bo's tree hasn't been updated since it got buffed a long time ago, the values should be:

    Lv 1: 200% Power, 10% Proc Rate.
    Lv 2: 220% Power, 15% Proc Rate.
    Lv 3: 250% Power, 18% Proc Rate.
    Lv 4: 320% Power, 19% Proc Rate.
    Lv 5: 400% Power, 20% Proc Rate.

    Thank you for keeping this updated.

    [Ship 02]
    ID: Shadowstarkirby
    Character: Dial
    Classes: Hr, Fi/Hu, Hu/Fi, Br/Hu, Bo/Hu, Ra/Hu, Gu/Hu, Te/Fi, Su/Fi, Fo/Te

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    FYI, for Bouncer and Braver the Mag skill tree become 1 point and taken by default.
    Bouncer Mag upgraded to 100% DEX to S-ATK and T-ATK
    Braver Mag upgraded to 100% DEX to S-ATK and R-ATK

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    Fixed the descriptions, thanks.

    Also, since a couple of people have had problems since December update: Make sure to clear your browser cache, the sim should work fine afterwards.

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    A few things:
    - High Time doesn't reset with any damage taken but certain amount of damage taken
    - High Time Power Per second is now 1.00%/1.50%/2.00%/2.00%/3.00%
    - Showtime Cooldwon is 45sec

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    Hunter Charge Parrying is 0.70s/0.90s/1.10s/1.30s/1.50s since 2017/09/27.

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    FYI GU's High Time Works like HR's Hero Boost, 20% dmg recieved will reset or up to 20% during a 5 second period will do it too in case you wanna clear these up for GU's High Time/Heros HB skill descriptions. Takes 1min for HR's Hero Boost to full kick in too

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    Since the December update (probably, not sure what caused this), saving doesn't work on my browser (current update Chrome). The slot remembers the slot name, the race, and the main and subclass choices, but doesn't remember skills or mag stats, and doesn't pop up the message "Skilltree loaded from Cookie." Loading slots that were saved from before still load correctly.

    I tried clearing my browser cache like you said, and tried saving to new slots, but it still breaks a slot whenever I save to it.
    Known as Niem on Ship 2.

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    Do you never delete cookies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dephinix View Post
    Do you never delete cookies?
    The Sim specifically tells you to delete cache without deleting cookies.

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    I've done that for 3 years now, and... it helped me several times, which is why I asked. Could just be my system, but at the same time, maybe his system is closer to my experiences than others. You asking that though... how long do you keep cookies?

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