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    Post MISSING

    Missing: Sadinian
    Distinctive features: green rod

    They were pretty rare before, but I have never seen one ever since the last maintenance. Just ran through every area where they could appear in, and twice - through the 180 points mission and free field, with no luck. Where did that enemy run off to? I'm worried here.

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    In five days of pretty much constant farming I've encountered seven of them for Hans' client order.

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    I'm kind of scared to know what the ingredient "fun" is

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    I've never EVER seen one since Floating Continent was even added.

    Fodoransa is also way too damn rare.

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    Well they're fixing the spawn rates this maintinence... this might be what they meant.

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    Yeah the kill ranking was pathetic for this I think the person who won had 27 kills???
    TA vids coming soonsies

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