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    Default Phantasy Star: Ragol Curse tabletop game

    I happened across a link for this rpg and downloaded it. It looks fun and would like to give it a shot, but I can't find any sample monsters to use. I don't have any real experience making creatures for a game like this and was wondering if anyone has played this and maybe has at least a couple creatures with stats I could use as a decent starting point. The game itself is in the fan media theater on this site.

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    if its like d20 is building my own and is stuck on building monsters useing portable 2 as reference of stuff though. has salvaltia or what ever. photon arts still workign on those and be like spells usein gmp system of d20 i think but has the races basic and duman and beast.

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    If its a fan project I would imagine that there would be some sample stat lines for mobs and characters with the main rules. Unless your supose to use it with an already existing rule set like D&D.
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    with me im makeing own system but not sure on the other persons and the abilities and all that are based on your race it self like each stuff has dice per power like 1d# per level or 2 levels so on. and for svaltus used a construct template or least the size and stats of one.

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