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    Then we shall see once May 20th rolls around.
    Quote Originally Posted by Broken_L_button View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Chaos Rappy View Post
    I've been a statistical exception as far as anything has proven to me.
    That's an understatement...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zipzo View Post
    I just want to point out (for tin-foil hat purposes) that...

    ...Phantasy Star Zero is nowhere located on this list.


    It does not say all.
    It's on the list

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unit 01 AT View Post
    That's obviously not the list we were specifically were referring to, but yes, it is on that one as "Phantasy Star ?/td>".

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    The reason the game is cheaper imported is because the game sold more copies in Japan and thus there is a greater supply there. A lot of games are like this as Japanese gamers buy more games on average than those in English speaking countries. Though there are exceptions.

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    In the future please note the date of the last post before bumping a thread. Generally it isn't a good idea to bump a thread that's over a year old.
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