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    Default newbie tips on what to do?

    Hi guys,

    I played PSU for a long time, and I've decided to get pso-2.

    Myself and my brother got it last night, and we setup on ship 2.

    So far, we've levelled to 17, by running Client Orders from NPC's around by the big cake and running the following quests

    Free Fields
    Forest exploration
    volcanic cave exploration

    Arks Quests
    subdue za oodan
    subdue fangulf
    dagan extermination: forest
    nab rappy capture
    dragonskin ecological survey
    kartargot externination
    subdue catardra'n

    Is there other things that we should be doing, e.g an event etc. Any info / tips for a newbie would be great

    warlock [lvl 139] FM 20 PT 20
    purple lightening [lvl 150] GM 20 FM 14

    GT "RapidRise RM"

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    > Once you reach lvl 20, start doing marathon quests for meseta
    > Go to Koffie for exp quests and unlocking content
    > Go to Franka for side exp and for lvl'n your support partner
    > Emergency quests are great for exp
    > Visit Xie at the shop area for even more daily exp
    PSP2 >
    K.O. Kazjivo

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    Focus on Koffie's client orders since they are really important; that's how you unlock hard, very hard, super hard modes, extra weapon palletes, subclass-unlock, etc.

    Also, as soon as you get to level 20, complete the Subclass client order from Koffie, and put a subclass on your character. As you level up your subclass, their skills from the skill tree will apply to the main class as well.

    For mags, just focus on making a pure S-ATK, R-ATK, or T-ATK; it boosts damage and will help you to equip certain powerful (albeit really rare) weapons later.

    Note: Hunter is generally the to-go-to Subclass since Fury Stance and its other Fury Skills on its skill tree provides a ridiculous damage boost (~ x2 damage) to your main class (except for the Class Force).

    Edit 1:

    Use these 3 websites for general references on weapons, PA's, Lobby Actions, Clothes, Updates, Time of Maintenance, etc.:

    Also, before you use any Skill Points at the CLASS COUNTER, use this Skill Simulator so you don't waste Skill Points unnecessarily:

    Edit 2:

    Doing the "Matter Board" is basically how you complete the "Story" mode of PSO2.
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