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    Default PEOPLE F--K THEM ALL

    I fucking HATE people.

    Lead you on like some kinda fucking animal. Treat you like shit. Pretend like they are your friends. Ignore you when you want to do shit with them. Ask for money and help when they know very well how much they hate you.

    And then you get asswipes who always blame shit on you. Just today i was freaked the fuck out AT because i said i didnt want a drink someone got me. TO GOD DAMN FUCKING BAD YOU STUPID TWITFACED FUCKER.

    I smashed my monitors, I AM SO FUCKING IRRITATED.

    Anyone else ever have to deal with life issues? But also have this one issue where a friend, you thought was a friend, just hates your fucking innards more than they hate a murderer who murdered their best friend- metaphorically speaking? WHY THE FUCK DO THEY KEEP YOU AROUND?

    Bitch and whine bitch and whine. Everything is life is always MY.GOD.DAMN.FUCKING.FAULT.




    If anyone has comments or questions throw me a PM.
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    That's a really trippy wall of smilies.


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    its my army, the protection in which i do not have

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    Like seriously. Is it so wrong a person wants just a little respect? I try and I try and i fucking try!!

    Like isn't something someone is the master of JUST because someone says what to do like holyshit!

    Work, Life, Friendships, desires, Stress. The only one I have and am seemingly only allowed to have is Desires that are unmet and Stress.

    How the fuck do you people cope with constant stress? Pressure? those damned unbeatable odds where no matter what YOU WANT YOU NEVER GET IT, BECAUSE SOMEONE HIGHER UP THAN YOU IN THE CHAIN OF LIFE SAYS"FUCK YOU I SAID SO"?

    I never ask for much in life
    I just want a job so i can enjoy the luxury of chilling one friday night playing some COD, maybe minecraft with some friends while cracking jokes about rainbow sheeps and shit.

    Start a family and be the best father ever, while supporting a healthy lifestyle, great home, and a good job.

    But no. I cant even get a fucking job flipping burgers or pouring coffee. but ever person i see and meet is like "oh im gonna be working down the road at this place" AND ITS A FUCKING GIRL EVERY GOD DAMN FUCKING TIME.
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    And here I thought I had it bad with my anxiety issues.

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    Tell me about it, this is the only way i can blow off steam without taking a shit in anyones face specificly and making matters worse. I've had stress before and many friends were targetted, or happened to be in the area and took shit personal.

    Quite the fuck up aren't I? No wonder the few people i look up to hate me so much and have little to no trust for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meyfei View Post
    Tell me about it, this is the only way i can blow off steam without taking a shit in anyones face specificly and making matters worse. I've had stress before and many friends were targetted, or happened to be in the area and took shit personal.
    yeah dont do that again

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    Yeah I don't plan to. Not that it could happen again. Not many really talk to me. Hmmm I wonder why.

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    Well it helps to not let shit get to you

    That's hard for some - sounds like you might be one of that group. Try to remember other people have bad days and many won't think of the consequences of their actions, and there's no rulebook anyone is following. Everyone is pretty much just winging it. Grownups never had it figured out, they just figured out how to hide that they didn't figure it out. Some of them figured out enough to get by, but there was always more they didn't quite get yet.

    And that's life. It'll beat you into the ground until you really, fully grasp that. Stop letting shit get to you, take it in stride, and keep going.

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    One thing after the next man. It just don't ease up. Humans are brittle beings, and we can only take so much. Why do you think people suicide? Because every bit of pressure without any means to relax, cooldown and refresh gets to them.
    I understand what your saying but, it's just easier said then done. We all have different ammounts of stress we can take.

    Despite all I've said in the above posts, those aren't my only issues, I got some shit going on that I wish would stop but what can i do? I cant stop people from spreading rumors.

    Like do you know what its like to go online for your peace and quiet, but are paranoid that every person you meet thinks ill of you? Just because of what others are saying.

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