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    That's.. kind of an interesting necro/bump, because sega announced this week the western release of the remaster of Shining Resonance, and unlike the Japanese PS4 exclusive release, it will launch here this summer for PS4, XBO, Switch AND Steam. Seems like sega japan is most interested than ever to reach western audiences, and the corpse of sega america Atlus USA seems always willing to translate them Japanese niche titles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zorafim View Post
    I want to mention. It was eight years between the start and finish of the classic Phantasy Star series. And it's been twenty years since the last game of that series was released. It's unlikely that, and I'd argue unwise for, the classic series to continue.

    That being said, the most likely source of its revival is the fans that grew up with the games. There's enough technology that a group of skilled artists and programmers can create a game more advanced than the originals, and are likely the only ones around who remember the tone of the series. In that case, an indie turn based RPG is what we'd see. If Sega were to do anything, it would be to use the IP as another poorly managed cash grab with little regard with the source material.
    This i agree with.
    Hunter [Level 19] [Beta]

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