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    Default SEGA Account OTP Issues

    So awhile back I used to play this game with the then-used OTP. As of late that service has become obsolete and when I try to take it off, I am greeted with this message:
    (Note, this message is translated through Google Translate)
    Current one time password

    Secure OTP

    Customer "SecureOTP" which has been set has terminated service at SEGA ID.

    ◆ Notice of end of "SecureOTP" compliance for billing settlement of SEGA ID and management page authentication

    Currently, logging in to the management page with this SEGA ID is suspended.
    Please check the following "Frequently Asked Questions" and ask for SEGA ID support inquiries
    Please make a request to stop 'SecureOTP'.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    [SEGA ID] I can not log into the billing / management page while registering "SecureOTP"

    I have a feeling I know what this means, but is there anyone out there that can give me confirmation on it? It'd be much appreciated.

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    Yes, SecureOTP was terminated for PSO2. So, time to move to Google Authenticator.
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    I tried to, but it wont let me log onto my SEGAID account through the website. It redirects me to that message I posted above without much of anything else.

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    May be clearer with the actual text in Japanese but I'm going to guess you need to contact support.

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    Might try check the FAQ they linked, it may contain important information.

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    So, I've been having the same problem as above. However, the FAQ they linked is just... gone. Clicking the link or trying to paste the URL just brings me to the main FAQ page, so that's no help. (it's

    Edit: Okay, so I managed to find the correct page anyway. I guess that link was just formatted wrong. (
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