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    Exclamation Tweaker checks files every time.

    Never had it before in more than a year since I started playing PSO2. After today's maintenance I started tweaker as usual and expected it to update game as usual so I could play. Instead I got "please wait while the QUANTUM SYSTEM checks your local files...".
    After it hit 100% tweaker downloaded ~70 files of update and game worked nicely. After EQ I quit game for an hour and decided to log-in back 15min before next EQ started. Tweaker started checking files again...and after hitting 100% it downloaded ~60 files and started. Cuz of this long checking I missed EQ completely.
    I've just quit the game few mins ago and decided to run Tweaker instantly to see if it starts checking files again. Got notification about new Tweaker version. Updated it. Nothing changed. It started checking files....again... >_<

    Did anyone ever had this trouble before? Is there a way to fix this?
    I understand that I can simply play without Tweaker but I don't remember all menus in game to play without translation. 70k files checkup on my old PC takes 40 minutes via Tweaker. If I started checking files via original launcher it can take up to 3 hours [due to 250ms delay when connect to Japan].

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    Had the same issue, and today it happened again, so both times I had to use oficial patcher. Gonna have to keep using regular method from now on :/

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