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    Here you go.
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    Well, kinda fair points. Even if they are put a bit out of proportions and ignores goods points, that are also present.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [Ayumi] View Post

    Here you go.
    Good evidence that you're having a lot of, fun.
    Back to Phasion Star Online 2 with newly fresh ARKS mission routines. \o/
    RIP Klotho, Episode 1 - 5
    RIP Elzelion

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    here's your response op

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    Many answers have been posted, but there are some points that I feel are somewhat true and can be expanded on:

    Quote Originally Posted by Asellus View Post
    They could introduce as many classes as they like but it won't change the fundamental problems of PSO2. Power boosters, stamina boosters, blah blah blah, none of it matters, everything dies in like one hit and everyone can carry moons so what's the fucking point?
    The hidden issue here is that daily content is actually just that. With the exception of Forest XH, Caves XH and Coast XH, all other daily quests are indeed full with enemies that die in 1-hit at their highest difficulty, assuming a well built maxxed character. Not only that, but there is no really advantage of going XH Forest, Caves or Coast either except for personal fun, so the players who want to focus on reward/minute do not run those difficulties either.

    The 4th daily quest is also possibly quite long if attempted solo on XH. But again, you don't see the majority going for it solo because reward/minute. There are certainty players who do it though.

    The game does indeed contain content that is available at all times, that is difficult and requires effort to be completed. Again however, the issue is that there is no meaningful reward there.

    The catch from this complaint is that the carrot-on-the-stick of daily content does not challenge players. Which I think is a legitimate concern.

    Quote Originally Posted by Asellus View Post
    As soon as some new weapon or drop arrives it's almost immediately replaced, completely diminishing whatever time and effort put forth
    Wrong. We will be using Lightstream for as long as we used Zeinesis/Qliphad back in the day (over 12 months for some of us). The new upgrades are so miniscule and situational that they're not 100% upgrades anyway, but serve most of the time as catch up for newer players or alts. I don't think anyone replaced their Qliphad with Schvelle except for Buster Quests.

    Quote Originally Posted by Asellus View Post
    Content gets recycled to the point where one realizes that PSO2 was never intended to be a proper RPG but a sad, fucking, cash grab. Facts.
    PSO2 gets more frequent new content than any other online game I know, even from other genres. Name me a game that has more frequent new content, and still has many tens of thousands of people logging in on a daily basis.

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    I haven't played the game in the last 3months-1yr+ but by lurking psow and other outlets I know better than anyone else that this game is dying, FACTS
    Quote Originally Posted by ZerotakerZX - the man stuck in 2014 View Post
    Kewl, I'm using double set still, since when crafted stat boosts can overcome any full 12* set.

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