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    Default Blessing World AC Scratch (15 MAY 19 - 12 JUNE 19)


    It's a shame it's one of those collabs where there aren't any color variants of the character costumes. I'm liking the mech arm [Ou]s, but I feel like their [Ba]s are way too similar to what we got with the last scratch.The most pleasant surprise for me is the Nogue and Novi recolors since I've been looking for an [Ou] for the Rolf Remodel Shadow [Ba].

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    メディックワンピース雪[Ba] and ダクネスヘアー <3

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    why does the Rezo Basewear look like F Ph's outfit just without the cleavage and slightly different design???
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    I think the lobby actions are going to be cute and fun~ I also liked Konosuba so this scratch is definitely welcomed.
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    Loving the blue/turquoise Basewears.
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    Hmm .... last male recolor seems nice the ノーグライアー茜[Ba] and ノーグライアー玄[Ba]
    Too bad the Rezo basewear doesn't have green / yellow :/
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    I really wish they made スクレデル飾り刀 a weapon camo instead.

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    Love the recolors, and we finnally get Sukunahime eyelashes revived C:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Effarion View Post
    I really wish they made スクレデル飾り刀 a weapon camo instead.

    Its a drop from UH Quest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loyd Azakuya View Post

    Its a drop from UH Quest
    Oh dang, nevermind then.

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