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    I had to watch some bits of the shadow of the arkguard to remember lol I think to remember that at some point in Episode 2, either because the ones talking were illiterate or something (was it Tonnio? can't remember), but the player had more info of the real history of Gurhal than the actual characters, they didn't even know the races where human engineered. Of course the illuminus would explain this in their supremacist way, and Lunz way of explaining is also off from the previously known official history of Guthal, where only the existence of the ruins and the confinement system point to an ancient civilisation, speculating they came from the starts instead of being native to Parum is quite an imagination on his part. But then of course, the symbols on the ruins make us remember of the espers in Algol, the same way as the Muut Dits Poumn in PSO, we could still establish the ancients are from Algolian origin. But I completely forgot what that Pioneer lookalike was in Infinity...

    The Xenoblade 2 DLC is fanservice indeed, as stated by the Nopon Sage himself lol the case of Elma is exactly the same as the Persona Dancing games "you are dreaming, you will forget everything it's happening there, so just dance!" but just sticking to the main story it's obvious there are connections I won't detail since they are hard spoilers, and XCX on its own talks at least about an ancient civilization that came from another universe and dominated the galaxies around (then there is the fan speculation that Mira is the Bionis / Mechonis world, AND provably in a different dimension than X intro (which MAY be xenogears universe), since even Time Travellers can't escape, AND provably the origin of the ancient civilization, which would make Shulk and Elma be in the same world, but extremely separated in time, but that's not a problem for the Nopon Sage).

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    This is extremely off-topic but I can't resist a Xenoblade lore romp. I've spent a great deal of time going over the information we have and I've played Xeno games to obsession so I'm one of the best people to talk on this. I'll tell you what I've come up with.

    We know how 1 and 2 are connected, that's given to us. The connection to X is however not as clear, leaving people to try and piece together a link, but it's 100% there. Elma as a blade in 2 has a lot of dialogue that's extremely curious and forthcoming but as you said it's fanservice so I'll try to ignore it.

    X speaks of an ancient civilization (Samarrians) that essentially "appeared" and dominated their region of the universe and ultimately took residence on Mira. We find out in side-quests that Samarrians are basically 100% identical to humans (key word, not that they ARE humans, but biologically identical).

    It's right in front of our faces. We have the nopons speaking of an ancient hero (who used a very curiously monado-like-looking weapon), and an escapee Telethia, fashionably named "the endbringer" because that's what its purpose was...

    The homs, after the revelation of Xenoblade's conclusion, eventually discovered a way to leave their dimension, and popped in to the timeline of X's story in faaar distant past. Homs = Samarrians.

    Homs took up shop on Mira and brought with them a few envoys of Nopon migrants, who persisted on Mira to this day.

    Homs either died out or hopped to another dimension again, leaving Mira altered by their interdimensional presence and whatever else they had going on at Mira (remember, the civilization was absolutely advanced as hell, think the giant structures in Oblivia like the huge ring).

    So yeah, multi-dimensional stuff can definitely be interesting, but the writers have to be inspired to make the connections with artistry.

    Phantasy Star hasn't really done that well IMO, they're just falling on it as a way to Easter egg a lot of elements between games. It's just a single plain way for them to link Dark Falz as a frequently returning enemy in all the games. There's no actual interesting interaction between these dimensions that we can field like in a series like Xeno.

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