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    Why were Oza and Marlu forgotten? both in game and in the anime...

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    Quote Originally Posted by landman View Post
    Why were Oza and Marlu forgotten? both in game and in the anime...
    Considering they're less relevant to the main plot than some of the other characters that got cut, I'm not sure what you're expecting. Lisa is only still around because she's a fan favorite.

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    I'm just whining for liking unpopular characters

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    Quote Originally Posted by loafhero View Post
    Watching this episode makes me disappointed that they rushed through most of the EP2 stuff, even though they took their time to tell a more cohesive and better developed EP1 arc before this. Its hard to feel any emotional investment here when the build up and tension were lacking.

    The split arena thing by Regius was pretty neat and understandable. Animating multiple characters in a Civil War-style team battle would have been taxing. That said, kinda pointless too since characters can just jump across platforms and there wasn't much fighting, just a lot of talking.

    I'm gonna assume that Afin won't be present for the Theodore battle which begs the question; If so, what was the point of having Afin involved with the Ulc & Theo sub plot?
    Lets just say he was just there and became acquaintance with them but weren't really friends. People are just like that.

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    I wonder how they're gonna fit EP3 in there, there's only 11 episodes left...


    This is gonna be one hell of a roller-coaster.

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    yep just cut harukotan out it will fit Shironian&Kuronian are kinda weird for futuristic set up in anime

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meteor Weapon View Post
    Lets just say he was just there and became acquaintance with them but weren't really friends. People are just like that.
    If realism was this anime's goal I wouldn't have brought up the (possible) pointlessness of Afin being involved in Theo and Ulc's sub plot. I hope I'm wrong on this but its likely their gonna forget about it.

    When you write a character to be invested in two certain characters, even being present for said characters traumatic event (especially when Afin, of all people, would know what's it like to have someone you care about taken away from you so suddenly), then you shouldn't forget about them later for said two characters emotional moment.

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    They will provably skip amduscia, if they didn't use it for hadred there is no point to use it, after all it was one big mystery until episode 6, and... the same way they skipped amduscia, they could skip harkotan and everything double happening in Lilipa, unless Sukunahime is important enough for Ash x Matoi development.

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    Quote Originally Posted by landman View Post
    I would not trust every "official" romanization, or use of foreign words in every japanese source, as said, they use if for japanese users, I'm sure every english, spanish or german speaker that read Bleach (for example) on a source that did not properly correct all the jargon in those languages would not take the original source as correct but as the author using google translate to make cool sounding names for his work. Best case scenario the localisation will point the error to the original author, and will discuss the meaning and correct it for the new audience. In the case of PD they choose to use the classic name in PSIV, I would not be surprised if the one who named the soundtrack didn't even care to check the official localisation in the classic game.
    Using foreign words is not something only japanese do, and yes, it's usually more used as a means to sound cool more than anything... I'm sorry but this is nothing new nor specially relevant as it doesn't have to mean they are doing a bad job. And about the localization part... surely you are aware that localizations are by no means perfect, and specially older ones (such as PSIV's, for example), are usually more messy than flawless. I'd take it if those were different publishers, but as I see it, the translation change in a name like 深淵なる闇 could be an actual change due to improvement, since it's the same company doing the job as far as I'm aware.

    However, I do get your point that for something being "official" doesn't mean it has to be correct, but as we've seen so far, it is mostly well done and there isn't much room for corrections besides a few cases (some which I've mentioned already).

    So, with that in mind, what should be considered as more correct? An official source, which does actually give room to think that, even if not flawless, it's mostly well done in regards of naming romanization... or any type of fan translation that changes names with no real reason at all and deliberately ignoring official sources? So let me insist that it's not that much a matter of preference but more like official vs fan source.

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    In that case I would not hod a candle for neither, and of course localisation is not flawless, but if they can communicate with the developer they have an advantage the fan translation does not have.

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