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    Default AC SCRATCH: ARKS Last Stand (02 SEPT 2020 - 30 SEPT 2020)


    I honestly do like the three heroines' costume designs, but I'm not sure if they fit any of my characters, Also, I'm disappointed they only made color variants of the caped Recht costumes; I was really hoping for the male version in black and blue without the cape.
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    There's a surprising amount of stuff from this scratch I think I want. Good thing I've been hoarding all those Crack units.

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    This is just about the worst AC Scratch they have put out in a very, very long time. The heroine costume recolors are bad, the heroine costume bases are bad, the male recolors are bad, the lack of male costumes is atrocious...

    Just one big ugh.
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    I am literally not dealing with this.

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    I only really liked the new casual BA for female cause of the "socks". Thankfully this scratch has Matoi on it, so supply is high and demand is focused the heroines stuff, so everything else is super cheap, but not much variety overall.

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    Damn, I thought they would being back the Red Magic Circle
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