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Well I can for sure tell you of 4 german/austrians who had to use VPN, and at least 3 from the USA. While 2 people I know from JP did not need one.
Never got an error, just outside of JP it showed the servers as in maintenance.

Also, out of our ancient alpha Accounts none got picked, but completely new accounts got picked for the beta. (But that could be simply bad luck, just mentioning it because 7 alpha accounts didnt get picked but 7 new ones did so there is definately no alpha-account preference)

So I kinda had the completely opposite experience of yours. As did all the people I know that got in.
same experience with friends and others with the VPN. the CBT pickings seem to favor newer people over older accounts seeing as all the ppl i knew who made fresh accounts got selected but their main accounts were ignored. i guess it makes sense since Sega wants to draw in new people but i guess only a few selected older accounts are really needed. idk just my guess