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    Ok peoples last night i was talking to my friend and my computer wigged out. The screen flashed a strange color and went black. It wasnt the blue screen of death or the window that says restart in 5 different languages. It just shut off. There's power to it and my battery is fully charged...i'm trying to avoid taking it in cuz im afraid they'll say "Yeah man it's totaled." Can anyone gimme a clue on how i could beable to magically revive it? (no Reverser either, LOL) Thanks a bunch!
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    have you tried to start it up again? if you did and it made a funny noise, then started to smoke or smell funny, then you fried it. I did that to my desktop, but all that needed replacement was it's Hard Drive.

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    It would probably help if you told us the Manufacturer and model number for your laptop.

    In any event, it sounds like your laptop was totaled. Don't even try to fix it yourself, take it into a reputable shop. There are about a million things that could have gone wrong and there is little you can do to repair it yousrelf.

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    well for starters it's an older Compaq model. A PreSario 500 i do believe. And well crap...i hoping it wasnt going to be totaled but I recently found out Windows XP contains over 200 errors in the says a program could have crashed a long time ago and it finally caught up with the rest of the system...the thing could only hold 18 gigs anyway...*sigh* time to start savin for a new notebook...v.v....
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