Celeb Element

Item Summary
Japanese Name: セレブエレメント
Versions: Phantasy Star Zero

Celeb Element Details

Phantasy Star Zero
Availability: On the North American version, it can be acquired from the Photon Collector in exchange for 12 Photon Drops.
Details: Grants a weapon the element of "Celeb", granting a boost to your damage inflicted for a certain cost in meseta per attack. If you have less meseta than required, this element has no effect.

The attack increase percentage, and the cost required at each level of Celeb is as follows:
Lv 1: 10%/30 meseta
Lv 2: 20%/40 meseta
Lv 3: 30%/50 meseta
Lv 4: 40%/60 meseta
Lv 5: 50%/70 meseta
Rarity: 6 6 Star(s)
Usable By  (O = Yes, X = No)
Hunters Rangers Forces

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