• Official Nintendo Magazine Reviews Phantasy Star Zero

    The European version of Phantasy Star Zero was recently reviewed by Simon Bramble of the British-based Official Nintendo Magazine. The reviewer had mixed impressions of the game and gave it a 71/100 rating. He felt the offline mode suffered from repetitive gameplay, a troublesome camera, and questionable help from the NPCs. The online mode proved to be its saving grace:

    "Online, the joy of loot collection is magnified. When you work together as a team to defeat a group of enemies and share the rewards, there's a rare feeling of having earned it. Online, the monotony of walking through randomly generated locales is lightened by being shown what your mate thinks your mum looks like. Online, you'll see the three-strike combat system working almost in rhythm, and very impressive it is too."
    Credit goes to mid Knight for finding this review. You can share your feedback in this forum thread.

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