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    Happy Birthday VagrantVan!
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    Happy birthday!
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    Of course they were. You're the rowdy life of the Rp until they got you.
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    Lol okay no problem, so you're the mighty Kraft huh? I heard lotsa things about you.
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    No, tell me what was it you said or pm it to Vagrant you have me curious about what your message said.
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    Captain Kraft D: The galaxy needs its obnoxiously loud destructive hero again!!!
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    your back
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    Oh, look, it's this fuckin' guy, am I right?
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    Hmm nope. Don't think I've even seen that movie. I just made it like that (not that it's an uncommon kind of story anyway).
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    Wether this counts as a soul or just advanced mechanics is not up to me to decide =p But yeah that's the gist of it.
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    Oh ho.
    Despite the fancy name, it's just a really advanced learning program x] With the problem that at the time of its creation, nobody expected the program to essentially mutate on its own. It was a success but it's basically unusable after a certain period of time due to the changes brought about by the learning process. Traces of the basic data are still used nowadays, but the full program itself only lives on through Ogeraun's "family". Kind of like passing on genetic code, the casts create their successor with the built-in program. The very 1st cast of the project, nicknamed "Original" (he is, of course, the Original MSP cast, but nowhere near being the very 1st cast) created a "daughter" and this eventually became a tradition, going up to today's Ogeraun.
    There's more to be said but sadly it involves spoiler-y stuff I'm planning to use some time x]
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    thats what it ended up doing but it was meant to kill them
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    you'd be to late if your going for the noise, badguy's stole it back already
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    Woo! I am remembered! XD
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    well he is Roth's son, and Roth was trying to recreate what mother trinity did. he got the leftovers from that, as for why he took it, his main two enemies are a cast with no body and a cast with a unlimited supply of bodies built in his image. and now that Aria is dead noone's holding the leash
  17. View Conversation - Bam. There you go.
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    Wait, is that a Kraft I see? Dude, been a while. Holy crap.
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    Captain Kraft? o.O
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    A hoog? Seeing you bring this question up made me curious as to what it was as well. I found this on Urban dictionary:

    Hoog - The space between a womans boobs. learn something new everyday. I was using mechs at one point and I got bored with them being biased towards melee classes. They're all style...That song is pretty catchy though. It's definitely got a desperado feel to it.
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