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    Default Grenades that Shoot horizontally??

    I was just reading up on the Longterm Schedule on PSU Pedia for JP,
    It says under miscellaneous additions:

    A new type of grenade bullet will be introduced that certain grenades will use. Instead of the normal parabolic path, this one will shoot horizontally.

    Now that is very interesting, grenades of one of my favorite weapons, If anyone has a video i would appreciate it if you could be so kind and post a link. That is if the JP Servers have it yet..
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    don't know if there's a video but there are 3 maybe more that shot like that and a vertical bullet (Dark Meteor)

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    Wow Thank you, I play on the Xbox 360 version i guess we wont be seeing this for a very long time or even at all. I see we might get Dark Meteor, so there's still hope.

    So after seeing the pic, is it possible to shoot a flying boss with it? such as Dimmagolus.. and if you do how many spots does it hit at lvl 41 +..or is that the actually the grenade doing that..not the PA?
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    It's the actual weapon and can be used with any grenade PA. I know it can be used on Falz's Final Form, probably Dimma/Omna, too.

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    there are now 4 kinds of grenades so far, old ones , one with no range (bullets explode at point blank range = massacre bunker), one that hits from above (dark meteor) and all the new ones that shoot straight (zoal head, bil de head, etc....) everyone got its advantages... except for no range one.... meteor can hit falz 2 on head while he is around or try to play nade like laser with straight shooting ones
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    probably wopal TA


    Yes Dark Meteor can hit Onma/Dimma while flying. I'll make a quick vid.

    EDIT: Here you go
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    Quote Originally Posted by adios View Post
    Yes Dark Meteor can hit Onma/Dimma while flying. I'll make a quick vid.

    EDIT: Here you go
    YouTube - ‪JP PSU Dark Meteor‬‏
    Wow , Nice video thanks ! I am impressed that the grenade launcher has alot of different ways to shoot, it looks so much more fun to shoot down a boss that way,
    i wonder what else SOJ will have for instore for the grenade launcher.
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    Reol Variant shot grenades horizontally too
    Sorry my bad english!

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    Very nice, this makes grenade launchers a bit more fun.
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    Doesn't the Panzer Faust shoot horizontally as well?

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