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    Default How to reliably get PSE Burst?

    Are the mechanics for PSE burst documented anywhere? Do people generally have a good idea of how it works?

    I've noticed that when there's a PSE Burst (and Cross Burst) that I get tons and tons of exp. So much that it makes normal gameplay for exp seem kind of pointless -- if there's a way to trigger PSE Burst semi-reliably, then I would probably prefer to be spending all of my time trying to do that.

    Are there any PSE Burst experts who want to chime in?

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    When in multi party areas just kill things. To help increase your chances, try to get a large amount of people in the multi party area and stick together. More monstrs will spawn, increasing your PSEs, and thus will lead to more regular PSE bursts.

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    Emergency Code: Protection

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    Main ideas are usually form a multi-party of 12, run around together and kill everything as fast as possible.

    Crystals usually guarantee a PSE burst too so make sure to get on top of that.

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    What crystals are you talking about?

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    I have a topic to discuss this, with many things I've tested in it. I have triggered quite a few bursts solo in passworded games, but as far as I know, no one knows the exact thing behind it. I know 100% that you have to kill monsters fast enough to get a PSE to level 8, then you get 1 minute to obtain another PSE in that same alignment and that will trigger a regular PSE burst. I would put a video up on some test runs, but I haven't figured out how it works in game yet, and I am NOT using fraps. I do know that HOW you attack the enemies, what element they are, and what elements you use to fight them with have an effect, but I am not sure of the EXACTness of it all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jooozek View Post
    What crystals are you talking about?
    The emergency protect quest where you protect crystals.

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